Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome to Hanratty Law Group’s recently established blog.

Hanratty Law Group is a law firm located in Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada.  We have three attorneys that practice solely in the area of family law which includes, but is not limited to, divorce, child custody, spousal support and post divorce litigation.  Hanratty Law Group also has an attorney that practices in personal injury and corporate litigation. Our goal is to provide our clients with the personal attention necessary to achieve their ultimate goal.

This goal of this blog is to keep our followers updated on family law and personal injury issues that arise within the Court.   Furthermore, it is our goal to post all new case law, changes in Court rules and procedures.  Lastly, with consent from our clients, we will be providing facts and decisions related to some of our ongoing cases.  Please note that all posts related to a specific case will be limited due to the confidentiality of our clients.

The attorneys at Hanratty Law Group hope you find the posts informative and useful.  You can also contact us through our websites to request information to be posted on the blog.  For family law cases, please visit www.HanrattyLawGroup.com and for personal injury and corporate litigation cases please visit www.LVinjuryLawFirm.com.

Thank you and enjoy!